Kosherica, the leader in the Glatt Kosher cruise and tour industry, is pleased to announce our Affordable division – Cruisekosher.com

This division is aimed at the kosher traveler who wants to travel with Kosherica but is restricted to a budget. We will be providing Jewish passengers with the opportunity to explore new and exotic destinations in an affordable way.

Each day you will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner under the Kosher supervision of our exemplary hashgacha staff. We will provide 3 elaborate and delicious meals a day and 3 minyanim a day and the opportunity to see incredible destinations.

Kosherica has pleased more Jewish Travelers than all other cruise and tour companies combined. Over 20 years ago we pledged a commitment to the Jewish community to provide extraordinary vacations of a lifetime.

General Information

With Cruise Kosher, you will dine on our Glatt Kosher cuisine prepared under the strict supervision of the MGK (Maritime Glatt Kosher). The Cruise Kosher affordable cruise will feature a delicious Kosherica menu. Breakfast and Lunch will always have variety of delicious options. Dinners will feature scrumptious and fresh meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian options.

The MGK is a conglomerate of various Rabbanim who all are either currently or have previously held the highest administrative positions in mainstream Kashrus organizations. Each Rav Hamachshir is responsible for hiring and training his own group of mashgichim who will support him in the supervision of that particular cruise. Our Head Mashgichim have all had cruise supervision experience, a critical element in insuring that the highest level of Kashrus be maintained. We also send a larger team of mashgichim per cruise, in comparison to other existing programs. Our programs are Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.

Three minyanim will be provided daily.

All Cruise Kosher travelers are required to have valid passports for their cruise. Please check with your local consulate to determine if a visa is required for your nationality in any of the ports that we will visit. We highly recommend enrolling in Global Entry for all US citizen in order to expedite passport lines in the airport.

  • For all cruises we recommend the following:
    • Cameras are a MUST on every cruise! It will help you save all of your wonderful memories that you can cherish for years to come.
    • Shabbat attire for Shabbat and one semi-formal outfit for formal nights. Don’t forget a pair of dress shoes to accompany your outfit.
    • Good, sturdy walking shoes are important. The ship has incredible fitness facilities and walking tracks. In addition, all of the ports of call you will visit will require lots of walking and exploring.
    • Be sure to take toiletries and prescription medications (if necessary).
    • We also recommend bringing plenty of Ziploc bags in various sizes as they always come in handy either for packing food or organizing your suitcase.
    • Binoculars can also be fun especially on shore excursions.
    • Hats and shorts are not permitted in the dining room. We recommend that you bring a few extra kippot.
  • Cold-weather itineraries – we recommend a lightweight, waterproof coat or jacket. In addition a fleece or sweater will come in very handy.

All ships that Cruise Kosher sails on provide laundry services for a fee.

We highly recommend that you contact your cellphone carrier prior to departing as they will give you the information on their long distance packages which may include a package for use on board the ship. If you choose not to purchase a package then we recommend shutting off your cell phone while on the cruise to avoid incurring high roaming charges.

Kosherica Testimonials

Testimonials from past Kosherica cruises which is the luxury cruise division of Kosherica.

Please note these are testimonials from past Kosherica cruises which is the luxury cruise division of Kosherica.- Kacew, Argentina
``We had a great time. The food, the entertainment and the staff were wonderful. We made lots of friends and we'll be coming with you at least once a year.`` - Haddad, New York
``Then we get to the kosher food. To say that it was exceptional, was an understatement. People were raving about the meal and could not believe it was kosher. Offy was incredible and was on hand all night! A million thanks to all who worked on this wedding.``- Dorian Vinderine (Kosherica catered wedding at the Atlantis Resort)
``Our family really enjoyed the cruise with Kosherica. It was not a five star experience - it was six star!!! Thanks for all you and your colleagues did for us to make the cruise so memorable. Hope to do it again!`` - Gerald Leissner, South Africa
``Our cruise was magnificent!! Meals were delicious and beautifully served!!``- Marion Blumenthal Lazan, New York
``I just wanted to say Thank you again for an absolutely amazing week. We all had a fantastic time and it was all down to you and your amazing team. Nothing we asked for was too much trouble, and always with a smile.``- Frei and Noe families, UK

Kosherica Gallery

Pictures from past Kosherica cruises which is the luxury cruise division of Kosherica.

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